Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering about dress code?

Business casual is suggested, but pajama pants are acceptable. 😛

How to join Remo?

Use Chrome or Firefox (in that order) on a desktop or laptop computer, though Safari also works. Remo is not optimized for mobile.

Need to edit or update your digital business card?

Click on your initial / headshot in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and click ‘My Profile’ to edit or update your card.

Looking for other tables?

Click on the floors listed in the left hand column.

Looking for a specific table?

When you log in, you will land in a random seat. To change your placement, double-click on an empty seat at the table you would like to join. We have 5 “floors” of them with up to six spots at each table!

Want to see people more closely at your table?

Click ‘Tile View’ in the lower left-hand corner of your navigation bar.

Having issues with your video connection?

Try refreshing your browser—you will not be logged out. You can also try: 

Double-clicking over to another table and clicking back 

Turning your video off and turning it back on

Keeping your video off entirely if it is causing too many issues

Looking for someone?

Search for them in the Chat Box.

Want to catch up with a specific friend or group?

Double click on a seat at an empty table on the 3rd, 4th, or 5th floors to claim a spot. You can send them a direct message to let them know where to meet you.

When should I eat?

If you received a food and wine delivery feel free to have a glass in-hand during the reception and enjoy your meal during the main program, when you will not be on-camera.