It may seem odd to use the word cool when we’ve just experienced our warmest summer yet — an extended heatwave that made its way all across the state, the country, and even various part of the world.

Our organization, Climate Resolve, knows heat. This summer, we continued to push for innovative solutions such as sun reflecting solutions to cool down our heat-burdened neighborhoods. In June, we hosted Reflecting Sunlight: Albedo as a Means to Reduce the Greenhouse Effect, a webinar to raise greater awareness of the radiative forcing benefits of cool surfaces, and the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) quantification thereof.

In July, along with our partners at GAF, Pacoima Beautiful, and community members, we were able to implement reflective material on a 10-block radius of streets, including a school and a park, where about 7,300 people live within half a mile.

We must continue the momentum for our health and climate resilience to create a cooler LA and beyond. . . which is why we want to see you in-person on Thursday, March 16, 2023 at our Coolest in LA gala.

This year’s Coolest in LA, our 10th gala celebrating local climate achievements, will be held at the LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes in Historic Downtown Los Angeles. It’s shaping-up to be our biggest and most glamorous event to date.

We’re excited to honor the following climate leaders at this year’s gala:

  • Kellie Hawkins Davis • EKA • Ms. Hawkins Davis served as a healthcare investments advisor to the Obama Administration. Prior to her federal service, she served the administration of former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, where she served as a policy advisor and later as a general manager for a city agency. Ms. Hawkins Davis is currently a partner at EKA PR firm.
  • Andy Lipkis • ARLA • Mr. Lipkis is the Founder of TreePeople, a practical visionary who began planting trees to rehabilitate smog and fire damaged Los Angeles. Mr. Lipkis is the current Project Executive at Accelerate Resilience LA (ARLA)
  • GuardTop • CoolSeal • GuardTop offers innovative, solar-activated engineering to deliver a higher performing, longer-lasting asphalt sealcoat for forward-thinking communities and institutions. They reduce surface temperatures, preserve and protect surfaces.
  • 41st Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa • Governor Newsom’s Infrastructure Lead • Mr. Villaraigosa is currently a partner and co-chair at Actum where he focuses on strategic and crisis communication consulting to senior executives in large public and private sector organizations.

As always, there will be delicious food and drinks and a “great room” . . . a who’s who of Los Angeles.

For a look at last year’s event, visit the gala website — — or check out our organization’s website if you want to read more about Climate Resolve’s recent accomplishments.

We’re excited about gathering to celebrate a better future together!



Yvette Martinez
Executive Director
California Democratic Party (CADEM)

Yvette Martinez was selected as Executive Director of the California Democratic Party (CADEM) in April 2020. The CADEM is the largest state Democratic Party in the nation, and Yvette is currently the only Latina leading a state party in the country. Prior to this position, she served in the office of California Governor Gavin Newsom as Southern California Director. Yvette has over 20 years of experience managing campaigns, coalition building and shaping public policy.


In 2019, Yvette managed the campaign for Rusty Hicks for California Democratic Party Chair. In 2018, she helped lead the effort to pass LA County ballot Measure W which passed in November 2018 with nearly 70% of the vote. Measure W provides millions in funding to help secure a safe and secure water future for the residents of Los Angeles County.


Yvette served as U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer’s Deputy State Director and worked in communities throughout California representing Senator Boxer on key public policy initiatives such as protecting the environment, enhancing public safety and transportation measures, and expanding access to healthcare for children and families.


Hawkins Davis

Kellie Hawkins Davis

Kellie is a Partner at the public affairs firm, EKA, where she leads the health and social services practice areas. She has held distinguished positions in both the public and private sectors. Her training and background offers clients expert counsel on both a practical and legislative level. Her mastery of the field combined with her extensive relationships delivers exceptional results.


Before joining EKA, Kellie served as the chief operating officer for the National Health Foundation (NHF), where she oversaw the day-to-day operational and administrative functions of the organization. She has managed the health and human services practice for The Hawkins Company, an executive recruitment firm based in Los Angeles. While at the US Department of Health and Human Services, Kellie advised senior administration officials on fiscal priorities.


Locally, Kellie served in the administration of former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, as executive director of the Commission on the Status of Women. Kellie also has practical experience in public health, having worked as an epidemiologist for the Los Angeles County Department of Health’s sexually transmitted diseases program.


In addition to her professional career, Kellie is civically engaged and serves on the boards of Coro Southern California and Climate Resolve.


Kellie has a degree from Howard University and received her master’s degree in public health from the University of Southern California in 2003. She was an American Marshall Memorial Fellow in 2013 and a graduate of CORO’s Health Leadership Program.


She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and enjoys playing golf.


Andy Lipkis
Project Executive
Accelerate Resilience L.A. (ARLA)

Andy Lipkis has spent his life crowdsourcing climate resilience, both coordinating flood emergency disaster relief and addressing long-term causes and vulnerabilities. At age 18, he founded TreePeople, and served as its president from 1973 to 2019. Lipkis is a pioneer of Urban and Community Forestry and Urban Watershed Management, the principles of which have spread across the world. He has consulted for Los Angeles, Seattle, Melbourne, Hong Kong, London and other megacities, helping plan for climate resilience and adaptation. With climate change impacts already creating a chronic emergency for cities around the world, Andy’s work has demonstrated promising new ways for individuals, communities and government agencies to collaboratively reshape urban tree canopy, soil, and water infrastructure to save lives and grow a more livable future.


After retiring from TreePeople in 2019, Andy launched Accelerate Resilience L.A. (ARLA), a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors) to inspire and enable people and local governments to equitably accelerate climate resilience in Los Angeles.


In recognition of his lifetime’s work, the Society of American Foresters and American Society of Landscape Architects bestowed upon Andy the honorary titles of Forester and Landscape Architect.

Cool Seal

Cool Seal
By GuardTop

Since 1983, GuardTop® sealcoat products are among the best in the industry for appearance, performance and sustainability. GuardTop’s commitment to sustainability has guided the development of a high-performance asphalt-based sealcoat that is designed to achieve lower surface temperatures through its lighter color and reflectivity. CoolSeal by GuardTop® offers innovative, solar-activated engineering to deliver a higher performing, longer-lasting asphalt sealcoat for forward-thinking communities and institutions. Conventional sealcoats and dark asphalt surfaces absorb heat and energy produced by the sun, which results in higher surface temperatures that can reach in excess of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. CoolSeal by GuardTop® can reduce surface temperatures by 10 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit (under certain conditions) and creates safe and comfortable environments for people and animals.

While most cool pavements on the market are acrylic based, CoolSeal by GuardTop® is a water-based, asphalt emulsion sealcoat designed to achieve an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. CoolSeal by GuardTop® is applied like conventional sealcoats to asphalt surfaces to protect and maintain the quality and longevity of the surface. CoolSeal by GuardTop® meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and LEED requirements of 33 percent reflectivity and can last longer than conventional sealcoats. The EPA states that cool pavements such as those treated with CoolSeal by GuardTop® can help mitigate heat, reducing the Heat Island Effect and contributing to bettering the conditions of effected communities. Our goal is to engender a product that creates a healthier environment for people and the planet, by “keeping it cool”. 

David Fink

Presenting Cool Seal by GuardTop:
David Fink
Sustainability Director
Los Angeles Business Council

David Fink has 20 years experience managing electoral, legislative and policy campaigns on a range of issues from workers rights to renewable energy. He is currently the Sustainability Director at the Los Angeles Business Council and prior to his role there he was the Policy Director at Climate Resolve.


Antonio Villaraigosa
Co-Chair and Partner

Antonio Villaraigosa is a respected voice in American politics and a prominent policymaker with a keen understanding of America’s mainstream and emerging communities. Known for his exceptional skill at building broad bi-partisan coalitions, he draws support from the broad center of progressive Democratic and Republican voters. 


In 2013 Mr. Villaraigosa finished his two terms as 41st Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, after eight years of major strides in transportation, crime reduction, infrastructure, energy and resource sustainability, right-sizing government, business development and education reform. 


Prior to his election as Mayor, Mr. Villaraigosa served as a member of the Los Angeles City Council from 2003 to 2005. From 1994 through 2000, Mr. Villaraigosa served in the California State Assembly as Democratic Whip, Majority Leader and Speaker of the Assembly. He was a member of President Obama’s Transition Economic Advisory Board, the 2012 Chairman of the Democratic National Convention and President of U.S. Conference of Mayors. 


Mr. Villaraigosa also has served in academia, as a fellow at Harvard University and a professor in public policy at the University of Southern California. He was also a senior fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. Additionally, he has served on the McGraw Hill Global Education Board of Directors, and currently serves as Board Chair of The Change Company. 


He also serves on numerous non-profit Board of Directors including but not limited to UC Merced, AltaMed, and Peace Over Violence.


In August 2022, Mr. Villaraigosa was appointed to be the Infrastructure Advisor to the state of  California. 

Mr. Villaraigosa is currently a partner and co-chair at Actum where he focuses on strategic and crisis communication consulting to senior executives in large public and private sector organizations.

David Nahai

Presenting Antonio Villaraigosa:
David Nahai

Bio coming soon…

Wendy Carillo

Presenting Antonio Villaraigosa:
Assemblywoman Wendy Carillo
California State Assembly

Wendy Carrillo was elected to serve in the California State Assembly in December 2017. She represents the 52nd  Assembly District which is home to close to 500,000 residents in the City of Los Angeles. Prior to being elected to office, Assemblywoman Carrillo was a broadcast journalist for twelve years covering human rights, global conflict and US politics. Additionally, she worked in communications for the Service Employee International Union United Long Term Care Workers, which represents over 350,000 Home healthcare workers in California and served in local government as a communications deputy for a member of the Los Angeles City Council.  

In the State Assembly she has served as the Chair of the Budget Subcommittee No. 4 on State Administration, in addition to the Assembly Committees on Appropriations, Budget, Budget Sub. 6 on Budget Process, Oversight and Program Evaluation, Health, Housing and Community Development, Utilities and Energy, and the Joint Committees on Legislative Budget and Climate Change Policies. She has been an advocate for workforce development, restorative justice, climate justice, women’s rights, education, immigration reform, healthcare for all, job creation and innovation. Assemblywoman Carrillo immigrated to the United States as a young child during El Salvador’s Civil War and is a first generation American with Salvadoran and Mexican heritage.  She is the eldest of five daughters and received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from California State University Los Angeles and a Masters Degree in Journalism and Political Science from the University of Southern California.



Las Colibri

LAS COLIBRÍ or “The Hummingbirds,” have a passion for music, beauty, and girl power.These women are flying into new territory as one of the most unique ensembles of its genre by returning to the all-string instrumentation of the early 20th century mariachi tradition and the colorful, feminine costumes of the Mexican cinematic divas of the 40’s and 50’s.After years of achieving much success individually as instrumentalists and vocalists in various professional arenas, these women have come together to form a stringed ensemble that is like no other in it’s genre. While their stunning beauty, innovative arrangements, and unforgettable vocal harmonies have propelled them to much success, their commitment to culture and higher education has made them role models for their community. With 8 bachelor’s degrees and 4 master’s degrees between them, they are a dangerous Latinx combination of beauty, brains, and musical enchantment. Every performance they give will be sure to get you laughing, crying, singing and even dancing to their contagious beats and melodies.


David Nahai


David Nahai Consulting Services, LLC


Victor Griego

President and Founder

Diverse Strategies for Organizing, Inc.



Randall Winston


O’Melveny & Myers LLP

Renee Dake Wilson


Dake Wilson Architects


Glen Dake


Dake Landscape


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